Highrock and Leaders Den Edit

Leaders den:

Leader: BLAH Blah Blah

Snowpelt: :nod nod:

Medicine den Edit

Herbs in stock: None cause this is an imaginary clan

patients: Firepelt Birchpaw and Mousefur

Warriors den Edit

Warriors: Snowpelt (with leader) Firepelt, Mousefur, Speckletail, Mossclaw, Nightsong

Mousefur: I'm going to ask imaginarystar if there are any patrols.

Speckletail: If so, can I come??

Mossclaw: We shouldn't ask the leader for anything, she is meeting with Snowpelt.

Nursery Edit

Kits: Redkit, Foxkit, Starkit (who will NEVER become leader, that's just humiliating, StarStar🙀) Ghostkit, and Cloverkit

Queens: Flametail, Feathermist, and Oakleaf

Foxkit: :: tackles Starkit ::

Starkit: :: rolls over onto Foxkits back ::

Feathermist: Go back to sleep, it's early.

Starkit: Awww :(

Elders den Edit

Elders: Tornear, Mattedtail, BlackFang, Whiteshadow

Whiteshadow: Anyone hungry? My apprentice has come back from her hunting patrol.

Blackfang: I'll pass.

Mattedtail: I will be going to the medicine den soon, my leg joints are aching.

Whiteshadow: I can bring it to you, if you'd like.

Mattedtail: Thank you.

Apprentice den: Edit

Apprentices: Fernpaw, Birchpaw, Birdpaw, Stonepaw

Fernpaw: Whiteshadow sent me on a Dawn patrol, sorry I'm late.

Birchpaw: You missed our game!!

Stonepaw: We were playing guess that warrior! Birdpaw Won his first game!

Fernpaw: Wow!!!

Birdpaw: :Blush Blush:'