>> Step One << Edit

Be strong and stand up for yourself. Fight when your told to. Protect your territory whenever you want to. Listen to the leader.

>> Step Two << Edit

Win in spars. This is important cause it will show your strength, courage and bravery. If you quit a spar it will turn out to be like this EXAMPLE NAMES ARE INCLUDED: "BlueWing has won the spar! Strikeclaw has lost!" "Thank you Russetstar." "OH DARN IT!" "Heh sucks to be you Strikeclaw!" "Good for you to say BlueWing! At least you won!" do you get my point?

>> Step Three << Edit

Help your clan win a war. This is the last and more important step. You need to help your clan in a war. If you just sit around on BRB you gonna turn out to be a lazy mousebrain :T